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Looking to transform yourself from feeling stressed and anxious to calm & relaxed? 


Then let us teach you how to create the best version of yourself through the ancient art of Meditation, Aromatherapy &  Semi-precious gem stones. 


How it works

Choose your Gem Stone of Intention

Our Aromatic Yogi Meditation Bracelets have been thoughtfully designed to align with your desired intention and transformation.


For example, those looking to radiate and receive more love and peace in their life would select a rose quartz bracelet named love & Peace. You will receive a gemstone information card with every Bracelet in order to help you fully understand its benefits.

Apply your favourite Essential Oil

At the moment we are working on Essential Oil formulas to apply to your bracelet. However in the meantime, if you already have Essential oils at hand then simply apply a couple of drops to the diffuser lava stones on your bracelet. Most of our bracelets are designed with one white lava diffuser stone (best for clear transparent oils) and one black lava diffuser stone (best for bright coloured oils). Lava Stones lock in aroma and diffuse the wonderful smell throughout the day.

Essential oils Coming Soon
Take the time for Meditation

Use your Aromatic Meditation Bracelet to establish a regular meditation ritual that will nurture your chosen intention and enable a long lasting transformation.  


With every Aromatic Meditation Bracelet purchased you will receive an Affirmation Card specifically related to your desired intention. Use this card to practice your meditation or if you prefer you can recite your own Affirmation or Mantra.

Girl Relaxing
Aromatic Yogi Meditation
Wear as a daily reminder

Wear your Bracelet throughout the day as a little reminder of your set intention and hopefully, a much-needed reminder to stop, pause and take a breathe when needed.  


We have specifically designed our Bracelets with lava stones that can rest close to the pulse points on your wrist. If the lava stones are infused with the correct essential oils this will further enhance and benefit you on a Physical, Emotional and Mental level.


* Little tip - I love to wear my Meditation Bracelet during my yoga practice to enjoy the delicious aroma of my chosen essential oil. Knowing that I am energising my gemstones throughout my yoga practice further enhances its benefits for Meditation.

Mudra Meditation
Daily reminder


Check what's inside the Aromatic Yogi Box 

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