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Welcome to OMMM (ONLINE MOVEMENT, MEDITATION & MINDSET) Self-Care Club – your exclusive online haven dedicated to the radiant well-being of women at every stage of life.


Here, we've crafted a sacred space where the art of self-care is celebrated as a non-negotiable, and the journey from moontime to menopause is embraced with grace.


Moontime & Fertility





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our tailored yoga FLOWS and mindful GLOW meditations are designed with the unique needs of women's wellness in mind.

so Whether you're navigating the gentle ebbs and flow of moontime, basking in the glow of motherhood, or gracefully evolving through the stages of life towards menopause, our offerings are crafted to resonate with your journey.

Join us as we cultivate a space where women can FLOURISH, BLOSSOM, and EVOLVE together. Rediscover the power of self-care and let this be a special place to empower you, uplift you. A place that always makes you feel right at OMMM.


Welcome to a community that celebrates you at every stage of your beautiful, unique life.

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OMMM Self-care club provides a convenient way to access a variety of women's wellness practices right from the comfort of your own home.


With our simple subscription process, it's easy to get started and begin your journey towards overall wellness. Choose from our two affordable monthly membership plans, Wellness Whenever £18 or Best of Both £70, and get full access to our library of yoga flows, Meditations and positive mindset resources.