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Yoga by Candlelight: How Candles Can Enhance Your Practice

This Blog post was created by highland candle company in collaboration with us The Elliott Yoga Studio.

Hi there, fellow yoga and candle enthusiasts! I’m here to share a little secret with you: the magical blend of candles and yoga isn’t just a modern trend; it’s a practice steeped in rich history.

As a seasoned candle maker, I’ve always been fascinated by how our little flickering friends have been lighting up yoga sessions for centuries. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Ancient Beginnings: Tracing Back the Candle’s Role

Way back, over 5,000 years ago in Northern India, when yoga was in its infancy, candles were already playing a starring role. In those days, they weren’t just for light (though that was pretty important too!). Candles symbolized knowledge and enlightenment – pretty fitting for yoga, right? In dimly lit spaces, their gentle glow was a beacon of peace and self-awareness. Think of them as the original yoga instructors, guiding practitioners toward inner tranquillity.

Evolution into Modern Yoga Practices

Fast forward to today, and while our world is a lot brighter, the essence of candles in yoga has beautifully evolved. In the cosy corners of yoga studios or the comfort of our homes, candles continue to be a crucial part of the experience. It’s no longer just about seeing where you’re placing your yoga mat, but about creating a sacred, calming space.

As a candle maker, I take immense joy in crafting candles that bring a sense of warmth and earthiness. Each flicker of the flame is like a gentle nod, encouraging you to focus, breathe, and connect with your inner self.

Exploring Candle Varieties and Their Yoga Benefits

There are many types of candles out there, and each brings its own special touch to your yoga practice. Let me guide you through some of my favourites and their benefits.

Beeswax Candles: A Natural Choice

Beeswax candles are the bee’s knees! They’re natural, burn cleanly, and oh, that subtle, sweet honey scent is just divine. They’re perfect for those of you who prefer an all-natural vibe in your yoga space. Plus, they’re eco-friendly – Mother Nature says thank you!

Soy Candles: Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting

Soy candles are another fabulous choice for the environmentally conscious yogi. They burn longer than regular paraffin candles, meaning more yoga sessions lit by their serene glow. And the best part? They’re soot-free, so you can say goodbye to those pesky black marks on your walls.

Scented Candles: Enhancing Yoga with Aromatherapy

A little aroma can go a long way in elevating your yoga practice. Lavender for relaxation, peppermint for energy, or perhaps a citrusy scent for a burst of freshness – the possibilities are endless! Scented candles can really set the mood and help align your senses with your intentions for the session.

The Role of Candlelight in Creating a Tranquil Yoga Environment

my yoga-loving friends! Let’s chat about something close to my heart: the incredible role of candlelight in creating a tranquil yoga environment. It’s not just about the light; it’s about the whole experience!

Psychological Effects of Candlelight

Candlelight is like a warm, gentle hug for your mind. It has this magical ability to calm our brains, helping us to unwind and de-stress. When you roll out your yoga mat under the soft glow of a candle, you’re stepping into a sanctuary of peace. The flickering light helps to soothe the soul, setting the stage for a truly mindful practice.

Setting the Mood: Ambient Lighting for Yoga

Now, setting the mood with candlelight is an art form. The right lighting can transform any space into a serene yoga haven. Imagine this: the lights are dimmed, and the room is bathed in the soft, warm glow of candles.

Each flicker dances along the walls, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s the perfect backdrop for deep breathing, gentle stretches, and introspective meditation.

Yoga Poses Enhanced by Candle Meditation

Moving on to one of my favourite topics – combining yoga poses with candle meditation. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Recommended Poses for Candle Meditation

Some yoga poses just naturally lend themselves to candle meditation. For example, a seated lotus or a comfortable cross-legged position allows you to face the candle and focus on its flame. Gentle, restorative poses like Child’s Pose or Cat-Cow also work beautifully, letting you embrace the candle’s warmth and energy.

Deepening Your Practice with Candlelight

When you incorporate candle meditation into your yoga practice, you’re inviting a deeper sense of focus and tranquillity. Gazing at the steady flame while flowing through your poses can help centre your thoughts, deepen your breaths, and enhance the overall mindfulness of your practice. It’s like the candle is guiding you through each movement and breath.


Crafting Your Own Yoga Candles

As a candle maker, I can’t help but share the joy of crafting your own yoga candles. It’s a delightful and rewarding experience!

Essential Supplies for DIY Yoga Candles

You’ll need some basic supplies: wax (beeswax or soy are great choices), wicks, a melting pot, and moulds. Don’t forget essential oils for that lovely scent – choose ones that resonate with your yoga intentions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Custom Yoga Candles

  1. Melting the Wax: Start by gently melting your chosen wax in the pot. Remember, slow and steady wins the race – we don’t want any burnt wax!

  2. Adding Scents: Once the wax is melted, stir in a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Lavender for relaxation, or maybe eucalyptus for a refreshing twist – the choice is yours!

  3. Setting the Wick: Place the wick in your mould, ensuring it’s centred and straight. A little tip: you can use a pencil or skewer to keep it in place.

  4. Pouring the Wax: Carefully pour the melted wax into the mould, leaving a little space at the top.

  5. Letting it Set: Patience is key! Let your candle cool and set completely – I know, the wait is tough, but it’s worth it!

  6. Trimming the Wick: Once set, trim the wick to about a quarter inch above the wax.


Incorporating Candles in Yoga Classes

Many instructors I’ve chatted with love using candles to create a serene atmosphere. They find that candles help students focus inward, enhance their sense of calm, and even improve balance and coordination in low-light conditions.

Angela from Elliot Yoga Studio notes, “My favourite way to use candles is for candle gazing meditation immediately after a yoga practice. The soft, flickering light and gentle aroma create a serene and focused atmosphere. As I settle into a comfortable seated position, I fix my gaze on the candle’s flame, allowing it to draw my attention inward. The rhythmic, steady flicker of the flame harmonizes with my breath, guiding me towards a state of deep inner peace and mindfulness.”

From her Coatbridge studio, Angela adds, “This practice not only enhances my yoga experience but also helps me align my mind, body, and spirit, leaving me feeling grounded and rejuvenated. It’s a simple yet powerful way to complete my yoga session and connect with my inner self.”

The Rising Trend of Candlelight Yoga

Finally, let’s look at the growing popularity of candlelight yoga.

Popularity and Growth of Candlelight Yoga Classes

There’s been a significant rise in candlelight yoga classes worldwide. People are drawn to the tranquillity and unique experience these classes offer.

Real-Life Stories: The Impact of Candlelight Yoga

I’ve heard so many heart-warming stories from individuals who found solace, peace, and rejuvenation in candlelight yoga. It’s not just a trend; it’s a movement towards a more mindful and serene approach to wellness.

The beautiful union of candles and yoga. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting, I hope this has inspired you to light a candle, roll out your mat, and find your zen. Remember, every flicker of the flame is a reminder to breathe, relax, and be present. Happy yoga practising, and stay bright, my friends!

Wishing You Wellness from The Elliotts x



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