Soothing Cedarwood Essential Oil 10ml

Soothing Cedarwood Essential Oil 10ml


Infuse your life with instant chill-out vibes....


This soothing oil has a beautifuly soft deep woody aroma helping to calm the breath and bring about a meditative state.


It’s a great oil for creating a peaceful mood, preparing you for a beautiful yoga and meditation practice.


  • Country of Origin: Morocco
  • Latin Name: Cedrus Atlantica
  • Scent: Dry woody scent, with Creamy Sweet Balsamic undertones
  • Key Benefits: Expansive, Grounding, Supportive
  • Traditional Emotional Use: Calming for the mind, Relieve nervous tension
  • Size: 15ml

Simple ways to experience the full Soothing benefits of Cedarwood Oil on and off the yoga mat:


Diffusers & Burners: Easily create a Soothing ambiance and mood in any room of your house or yoga and meditation space. Simply add 1–3 drops in a diffuser or burner. 


Aromatic Yogi Mala bracelets: Add 2-3 drops of Essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil . Apply the oil to the black lava beads on your Mala bracelet. Now breathe in the beautiful aroma and ENJOY.


Bath & Massage: Add 5 drops of Essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil for a soothing warm bath, alternatively add 1 or 2 drops to your choosen carrier oil and relax your mind and body with a soothing massage.