Refreshing Lemon Essential Oil 10ml

Refreshing Lemon Essential Oil 10ml


Our Aromatic Yogi Lemon essential oil is well known for its refreshing Citrus fragrance with clean, fresh and sharp top notes. 


Perfect to drop in a room diffuser to clean and purify the air around you, dilute in a carrier oil to use in a dreamy warm bath or create luxury skincare and toxic free cleaning products. 


  • Country of Origin: SicilyLatin
  • Botanical Name: Citrus limon
  • Scent: A citrus fragrance with clean, fresh, sharp and light top notes with a slightly sweet tinge
  • Traditional Emotional Use: Uplifting, Refreshing, Cleansing, Clearing, Headaches
  • Traditional Skin Use: Astringent, Toning, Clarifying

Simple ways to experience the full Refreshing benefits of Lemon Oil on and off the yoga mat:


Diffusers & Burners: Easily create a Soothing ambiance and mood in any room of your house or yoga and meditation space. Simply add 1–3 drops in a diffuser or burner. 


Aromatic Yogi Mala bracelets: Add 2-3 drops of Essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil . Apply the oil to the black lava beads on your Mala bracelet. Now breathe in the beautiful aroma and ENJOY.


Bath & Massage: Add 5 drops of Essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil for a soothing warm bath, alternatively add 1 or 2 drops to your choosen carrier oil and relax your mind and body with a soothing massage.