Tranquil Trio

Tranquil Trio


Allow our super Tranquil trio to bring some much needed calm, balance and tranquility into your life.


Clary Sage, Lavender and Ylang Ylang work beautifully on THEIR OWN but together this trio strengthen the HEALING qualities of the others to ENHANCE your mood, regulate hormones, and bring PEACE and tranquility to your Mind, body & Spirit on and off the mat.


All bottles are 10ml

If Tranquil Trio could talk:




BALANCING (Lavender)

I am one of the most versatile oils around, infamous for inviting feelings of calm and deep relaxation. Simply breathe in my delicate, sweet, floral fragrance to bring you back to your centre in those moments you need it most.


CALMING (Clary Sage)

I am A MUST HAVE oil for every home. I use my calming powers for the good of women-kind helping bring hormones into balance, regulatating moods and alleviating tension, naturally.


TRANQUIL  (Ylang Ylang)

I am divinely feminine, radiating warmth, love and beauty. YOU can turn to me if you are looking to balance hormonal fluctuations, boost confidence and create a more sensual ambiance in love and romance.

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