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Lunar Yoga: Flourishing Flow

Lets flow with moon to manage menopause, boost fertility and balance hormonal health (Female Yoga).

  • 1 h
  • 9 British pounds

Service Description

FLOURISHING FLOW is a one-hour weekly session designed around the lunar cycle, helping females realign their bodies with the moon and her powerful energy. Each class offers a unique focus, with postures specifically chosen to regulate hormones, boost fertility and provide relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms. Each week, we will explore a different phase of the monthly cycle by flowing with the lunar cycle: Dark Moon - Soothing Yin Yoga: Embrace the inward energy of the dark moon with a soothing Yin Yoga flow. This practice is perfect for setting intentions, deep relaxation, and nurturing yourself during menstruation. Waxing Moon - Chakra Yoga: Ground yourself during the waxing moon with a balanced chakra Yoga flow. This practice harmonises all 7 chakras with gentle and dynamic movements, preparing your body and mind for the energetic phases of the full moon ahead. Full Moon - Uplifting YogaFit: Celebrate the full moon's vibrant energy with an uplifting yogaFit flow. This invigorating practice focuses on gratitude and celebration, enhancing your vitality and balancing hormones during ovulation. Waning Moon - Gentle Yoga: As the moon wanes, enjoy a gentle yoga flow designed for rest and rejuvenation. This practice supports relaxation and prepares your body for the menstrual phase, fostering inner peace and well-being. As a female fertility yoga teacher and menopause practitioner, I have worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 15+ years, and within this time I have witnessed first hand the destructive nature and negativity we as females place on ourselves. We curse our monthly hormonal changes rather than embracing them and using them to our advantage. This is where a lot of our problematic PMS, menopausal symptoms and infertility is born from. I think it is time to master the art of managing our hormonal rhythms, boosting our energy, enhancing our mood, strengthening our bodies, and calming our minds. Lets Flourish and Flow together ❤️🧘‍♀️

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule​ a session please login​ to your members​'​ account. Classes cancelled within 6hrs of class start time will be deemed as 'class attended'. PLEASE NOTE: Once you have cancelled your classes, private sessions or massage treatments and you paid for this service using a bank card or paypal please contact us to start the refund process. If you cancel using your 6 session class pass there is no need to contact us as all class session will automatically be refunded. Any problems feel free to contact us: 07588734208

Contact Details

  • The Elliott Yoga & Wellness Studio, Coatbridge, UK


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