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What you need to know

Frequently asked questions

Yoga Class

Too Old or too Young to attend?

Am I too old? Simple and short answer is NO! you are never too old to take part in yoga. You might want to take things at a slower pace or modify certain yoga postures but that is 100% perfect, as long as you honour what your body can do. Am I to young? You must be Age 16+ to attend classes with the exception of 'The Family club workshops'. The Family Club: Suitable for children 2-12yrs & their grown up. Family fun yoga through stories/themes/yoga games/music/asanas/breathing & relaxation activities. Promoting healthy bodies & healthy minds. Suitable for beginners.children 2-12yrs & their grown up.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga: Increased flexibility and range of movement. Development of strength and muscle tone. Breath awareness. A sense of vitality and energy. A more balanced metabolism. Enhanced athletic performance. Protection and recovery from injury. Improved focus and concentration. Greater self-awareness and acceptance. Better balance and core strength to protect you from falling. A sense of calm.

What do I need to bring & Wear to a class

All you need to bring is yourself a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Wear something that is comfortable to move around in. It is optional if you would like to bring a yoga strap, blocks, eye pillow and blanket. Usually we offer yoga props to our students however, at the moment covide protocols restrict us from doing so. Hopefull things will change and we can offer props again in the future.

How to book a class

Book a class using your 6 session Studio Pass Important info - Always sign in to your account with the same email address that you used to purchase your 6 session studio pass.

Are the classes suitable for pregnant ladies

Although Yoga is very beneficial for soon-to-be mothers there are some precautions that must be taken and some postures that must be avoided. That is why we highly recommended that you only attend specialised prenatal yoga classes. Our 'Mummy to Be Yogi' Classes will be added to the timetable this Summer 2021 Classes run in a block of 6.

Attending your first class (What you need to know)

Please arrive 10 minutes before class. This allows for a smooth start to our class with minimal disruptions. BEFORE class, advise your teacher if you have any injuries, if you are pregnant, or if you have any medical conditions that the teacher should be aware of. We aim to make the class easy to follow and offer modifications, however, please be mindful of your body. If a posture or movement doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Please turn your mobile phone off and If you wear a smart watch please ensure it is on silent and that the screen is in theatre mode.

How to add your name onto a class waiting list

At the moment it is only possible to use the waiting list option if you are booking through the Elliott Yoga Studio (WIX) mobile app. Its easy to download and makes booking classes and staying in contact with us even easier.

Ways to contact us

Please feel free to contact Angela or Nicky on 07754828661 or email us here Please conact us within the hours of 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday. Any messages left over the weekend will be answered on the following Monday.



Our Beginner Yogi (Gentle paced yoga class) is the ideal class for those new to yoga or for those who wish to refresh with the yoga basics. Here you will embark on a journey exploring a variety of yoga postures, mixed with proper breathing and easy to follow meditations.


We designed this Yoga flow practice to allow a gentle progression for individuals that feel comfortable and confident with their yoga postures and want to add more variation and intensity to their practice.


Yin Yoga is the ultimate class when you need to unwind and restore your Mind, Body & Spirit. let us guide you through this beautiful, floor-based practice which focuses on rest and relaxation by gently holding postures for longer than a typical yoga class to encourage deep release in the fascia. Soft, steady breaths will clear your mind, warm your body and help release any tension.


Class for babies and their grown ups No babysitter required. You can come along with your lovely bundle of joy and relax in a friendly atmosphere. I will show you how to spend some quality time connecting with not only your baby but to YOU again.


Prenatal yoga class for expecting mums. Even though you are embarking on an incredible journey being pregnant can be stressful, physically exhausting and not to mention scary. I designed these classes to help you find ways to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

CALM CLUB | kids Yoga

Fun yoga class aimed at Primary School aged children (p1-p7) Using stories/themes/yoga games/music /asanas /breathing & relaxation activities to engage children on the magical journey of yoga & self wellness. Promoting healthy minds & bodies.Suitable for beginners.


Fertile Yogi is a specialised class to support females on their journey to conceive a baby. Its nurturing feminine approach to yoga and meditation helps teach females how to honour their menstrual cycle and engage practical tools to prepare them for conception.


Fun Fitness class Stretch rattle and roll... Get your groove on and burn loads of calories in this fun filled fitness class. One of our most popular classes that incorporates cardio with weights and easy to follow yoga flow. Come along and Give it a go (I bet you will love it) Celebrate what your body can do and let your confidence radiate.