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Start your yoga journey today with the use of our PDF version yoga routines. Great way to practice in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

All yoga routines are developed and created in a way that will help with specific issues. Ranging from 'Yoga for a betternights sleep' to 'Everyday invigorating postures' that boost energy. 'Yoga to help regulate hormones' and everything else in between.


You will find this is in a PDF format which allows you to practice not only at your own pace but in your own space.  Routines will be added on a regular basis in order to help you integrate yoga into your everyday life at times that are the most convenient to you. 

Neck pain can happen due to a variety of factors like emotional and mental stress, prolonged screen exposures, poor vision, muscle strain, stiffness in shoulders and/or upper back.  Prolonged severe neck pain can be uncomfortable and jeopardize your routine. Practicing yoga helps relieve neck stiffness and strengthen the neck muscles over time. 

Disclaimer: You can use the yoga sequence to relieve temporary neck stiffness that does not involve an injury or chronic ailment, like spondylitis. You must consult a specialized physician if the underlying cause of neck pain is an injury or ailment.

Lower back pain is on the rise. Increased screen time, sedentary lifestyle and quicker degeneration of muscles are all leading to chronic pain in the back. Many times back pain is manageable and gets better with self-care over time.

Prolonged back pain could hinder the routine of an individual causing severe discomfort. If left unmanaged, back pain could intensify with time, leaving no option but to skip work, or worse stay confined to bed.

Specific yoga sequences can help with gradually opening and strengthening the muscles around the lower back and hips. 

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