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I hope that the past two months have been filled with sunshine, rest, relaxation and expansion for you. I hope that in the midst of your busy life you have taken the time to be present for this season of abundance. To help you rock some present moment summertime consciousness, I have created a 3 minute summer meditation just for you.

Summer is filled with simple pleasures that create pure joy for me. Biting into a perfectly ripe tomato, feeling the cool grass underneath my bare feet, meditating outside with a light evening breeze gently caressing my skin are all experiences that make me happy and keep me grounded in the present moment. These are a few of my favorite things about summer. What are yours?

As we continue to move through the summer days I want to invite you to be mindful of the gifts of this season. Notice all that you love about this time of year, where ever you live. Many of these gifts only come around once a year so don’t miss them!

Taking time to get present and experience gratitude for all you have is really a gift to yourself. Summer, with all it’s colors, sensations, beauty and bounty is the perfect time to start this practice and create a habit of it. When you become more connected to the miracles that are occurring all around you, you become a part of them. Then you are more naturally aligned with the flow of life. Let yourself be guided by the divine intelligence of nature and the seasons.

After you’ve meditated in the comments below please share with me some of your favorite things about summer. Remember: No matter what the season, gratitude is an energetic vibration that becomes a magnet for like energy! I always love reading your posts, especially when they connect me to what you are experiencing. I’ll see you in the comments and this week make sure to, as always, take care of you.

savasna mist  - This spray is made for yoga teachers and students to be used around the head at the end of your yoga practice, during the final relaxation. Oils contained in this spray can help to calm the brain and to relieve stress to center deep into our core. It further helps to open up our crown and third eye chakra and to experience the benefit of our yoga practice fully by being in the corpse pose. In Savasana, final relaxation pose, our awareness of time dissolves.

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