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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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28 ways in 28 days
to navigate menopause

Cool It - Yoga flow

If you experience hot flashes or night sweats, this class will help you cool yourself down. Find some relief with a restorative opener, then practice cooling and soothing sitali breathing. Explore some slow and easy forward folds and twists, then rest in supported supta baddha konasana. Props Needed: Two blocks, a strap, two bolsters and a blanket.

Clear mind - Yoga flow

This slow and steady sequence will help you de-stress and ease your mind. Begin with lion's breath to release tension, then find your focus in balance poses like tree and warrior III. You'll conclude with a meditative drishti practice using your block to support a comfortable seat. Props Needed: A block. - lions pose

Invite sleep - Yoga Flow

Lull yourself into a calm and quiet state to invite a deeply restful sleep. This tranquil practice starts you off in a dreamy downward-facing savasana. You'll slowly transition to a variety of sleepy supported postures, like child's pose, bridge, and simple twists, then end in a rejuvenating legs up the wall. Props Needed: A bolster, two blankets, a block, and wall space. - downward facing shavasana

Calm Down - Yoga Flow

It's common to experience anxious feelings during this change in life. When we can practice allowing and accepting them, they often begin to quiet. This class emphasizes ease over effort, using a chair to support you in simple twists, hamstring stretches, and plow pose, then ending in the serenity of supported savasana. Props Needed: A chair, a bolster, and a blanket.

Joy Full - Yoga Flow

Gently awaken a feeling of joy with an uplifting series of heart-opening poses. Create energy and lightness with viloma pranayama, then ease into expansive supine postures, supported backbends, and shoulderstand with your chair. Props Needed: A bolster, two blankets, a block, and a chair. Props Suggested: A strap.

Vitamin confidence - Yoga FLow

Get your daily dose of confidence with this everyday strengthening practice. Full of simple, accessible core work, you'll amplify your inner power and get a boost of positivity. Begin with pelvic tilts and cat/cows, then explore a variety of plank and bridge variations before soaking in the energy you've generated in savasana. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket. Props Suggested: An extra mat.

Find steadiness through the twists and turns of becoming a wise and powerful woman. This program is designed to help you navigate the full spectrum of experiences associated with perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Each class is focused on a specific challenge you may encounter, using movement, breathwork, and meditation to encourage a sense of ease.

How it works

6 weeks to a calmer you

Each week you get...

  • A chance to explore a theme relevant to your experience of motherhood

  • Honest writing from me (one Mama to another!) to set the tone for the week

  • A guided audio meditation to relax and ground you

  • Guidance on starting your own meditation practice, building slowly week by week

  • Everyday mindfulness tools designed for the middle of a busy family life (including how to stay present and in the moment with your kiddos!)

  • A video yoga sequence, with a focus on that week’s theme (suitable for all levels - yes, beginner is just fine) and tips on getting yoga practice in, even when littles won't leave you alone 

  • Simple but powerful writing and journaling exercises

  • A weekly group Zoom call (Thursday 8pm) to check in and stay on track with the course lessons in the online platform

  • Chat, questions and connection in a private forum on the course platform

  • Access to all the online lessons for 8 weeks after the course ends

  • A pdf with the course material at the end of the course (you can also download all audio and video practices to keep) 

This is a journey, it's deep self-care, it's SPACE to ...

  • Hit the 'pause' button and reflect on your experience of perimenopause, menopause and beyond

  • Reduce stress and anxiety with mindfulness/meditation practices, proven to have a positive impact on the nervous system

  • Learn how to manage difficult emotions and situations (without losing it with the people you love)

  • Release tension, relax and energize the body with yoga 

  • Sleep better and feel more rested

  • Decide on everyday shifts and longer terms goals to prioritize self-care

  • Feel more connected to the people you love

  • Use journalling and "writing it out" to work through difficult situations and emotions (it's not about keeping a diary!)

  • Nourish the you that often gets lost amid the busyness of everyday life

  • Connect with other women who get where you're coming from

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