Peace & Love Mala Bracelet

Peace & Love Mala Bracelet


Inhale Love & Peace into your meditation practice with our beautiful mala bracelet set with

Rose Quartz and Moonstone to gently nurture unconditional love and your natural ability to heal and flow with the ever-changing tides of life.


Love is said to be the most powerful energy in the universe and brings us into the NOW, into the spaciousness of compassion and understanding reminding us that beauty lives in every breath.



If you want to harness the power of the Mother energy - warmth, nurturing, supportive, healing, intuition, and loving to name just a few then this bracelet is for you.

Allow the healing energy of the Divine Feminine to restore you heart, soften your edges and dispel any heaviness you may be struggling to let go.

This beautiful combination of Rose Quartz and Moonstone may also help to bring balance to hormonal irregularities and lovingly remind you are worthy of Love and Peace.


Peace & Love Meditation Bracelet was designed using 8mm moonstone and Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz is said to heal anxiety, replacing worry and fear with a feeling of calm + reassurance.  It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. A stone of unconditional Love, Rose Quartz carries loving energies of forgiveness, tolerance and compassion; teaching us to apply this unconditional love to ourselves and others. 


Howlite is said to help formulate ambitions, both spiritual and material. It is known as the stone of awareness, believed to stimulate the desire for knowledge.