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Turning my fear into an important part of my career (Yoga for Fertility)

2 years later and I finally did it...

I am so pleased and proud to say that I am now a fully qualified specialist in teaching YOGA FOR FERTILITY.

After 2 years of hard study I CAN now own it and say I am ready to share my knowledge with the world. I am ready to share everything that I know personally and professionally in the aim to help other women attune to their cycles inner wisdom and help to take control of their reproductive health.

Even writing this down now has me very emotional. My husband and I have had our own fertility journey which had taken over 3 years, so this course comes from a deep place of knowing and understanding the heartache that so many of us feel when we are trying to successfully conceive as well as the headspace it requires to stay positive month after month.

I would love to tell you that I was calm and centred throughout my IVF treatment, but I wasn’t. I was anxious, scared, angry and holding on so tightly to the wish of having a baby I felt like I was drowning. I knew deep down that to continue from month to month I needed to address my mental attitude. I did what everyone tends to do and I turned to GOOGLE and quickly fell down the rabbit hole of information on 'what to do' and 'what not to do'. As you can imagine this just made me more anxious and helpless.

Thankfully in my search for answers I came across YOGA FOR FERTILITY training for yoga teachers. Being a qualified yoga teacher myself for just over 8 years and with a strong background in sports science (HonDegree) this opened my eyes and made me question my own personal practice and teaching with regards to women in particular.

And this is when I had that 'a-ha!' moment...

I quickly came to realise that everything we are taught about Yoga is from a linear perspective and NEVER from a female point of view. As females we naturally work with cycles and when this is ignored it can be very detrimental to a women's reproductive health. Excited and Intrigued I registered for the Fertility course and began to soak up as much information as possible.

During my studies I was learning to live in harmony with my body’s natural rhythm and building on my heart to womb connection. I found tools that helped me find peace during a traumatic time. As I started to take control of my breath and posture, I found I was more able to take control of my thoughts and emotions that came from them. I still desperately wanted a baby but I found that a shift had happened, I was able to de-stress and find some calm. I was able to feel more in control of me and my fertility journey.

Finally after years of trying to conceive our beautiful baby girl arrived having taken her own sweet time about it…

I will be forever thankful for the knowledge I have gained and I am excited to share this with you.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to a space created to guide you and inspire you. Whether you’re trying to fix your hormonal chaos, fall pregnant, grow a healthy baby, or ultimately just feel happy and content in your body. Again... I’m so thankful that I am now armed with powerful knowledge to show you how to experience your menstrual cycle as the empoweirng gift it can be.

If you feel anxious about your fertility journey I’d love you to STAY OPEN to the POSITIVE possibilities that working with your cycle and nurturing your mind and body can have.

To all my fellow fertility warriors I AM HERE FOR YOU!

Angela Elliott xx

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❤️❤️ thanks for sharing this, Angela. I think your knowledge and teaching will help so many people struggling with this. X

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Unknown member
08. Feb. 2021

Thank you for sharing your journey to being a parent. Lovely baby girl.

Gefällt mir
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