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Yoga Mats...As important as your running shoes!

Hello all! This is our first blog on the all new website. And we hope that this blog finds you all well and happy as well as finding this post informative.

For our first blog we've decided to cover a somewhat overlooked topic....Your yoga mat.....Yes, you have one....but is it the right one? are you slipping? Is it wearing out?.....

It's something believe it or not that we are asked about quite often as some people blame themselves for an uncomfortable practice when more often than not it's their mat that is worn down or does not have enough grip....especially as they begin to improve.

Find the right mat for you

I think of it like this. Think about going for a run. There's two things you need. Comfortable clothing and proper footwear. Now lets be clear. By proper footwear I mean the right kind of shoe. Something comfortable, supportive with proper cushioning but with strength and grip....I don't mean 'Tennis shoes' for example. They kind of look the same but are very different.   

Yeah! I hear you! It's not rocket science and I agree, but I can't tell you how many times people, especially those starting out in yoga purchase the wrong or flimsy yoga mat or one that costs about 3 or 4 pounds and end up having issues of grip and rip. There are different types of yoga and different types of mat and some suit more than others. Thick or thin. It should be a personal choice and you should listen to your body... Maybe you have an injury or weakness and require more cushioning for example. The point is... do a bit of research don't choose lightly. And by the way the perfect yoga mat for you doesn't and shouldn't cost the earth.

Pricey doesnt mean better

I said earlier some people buy a mat for a few pounds. That really is ok for a few classes. I'm certainly not trying to say you should go all out like the new guy who takes up golf and buys all the right gear. No... not saying that but we have found that those new to yoga will blame themselves first because their mat is slipping or the hands and feet begin sliding when in their downward dog. No. More often than not it's the mat. By all means find your feet first. Go easy on yourself. There's no judgement here. We want you to enjoy our class. We want you to benefit. We want you to be comfortable and safe. And besides... the benefits of having your own mat can't be overlooked. You'll find your own grooves, mentally feel supported, you'll concentrate and relax and your practice will steadily grow. And of course it's more hygenic but remember it's a marathon not a sprint. And you need the proper running shoes.

Best Yoga mats on the market

So.. What kind of mats are out there? and what difference does it make? Well after doing a bit of research I've found probably the best article from Cosumers Advocate and they have allowed us to share their wonderful insight into this topic.

The amount of work and that has gone into this review has to be applauded and I have not found anything elsewhere as comprehensive, in-depth and knowledgeable. They've actually done all the work for you. 

It is a wonderful guide and should be treated as such and goes to great lengths to highlight different yoga practices and mats and why it is so important. So give it read and have a think if any of this applies to you whether your experienced in practice or not long started out. It's all relevant and important. Click here to see review 

So that's it for now. Other than to say we are close to publishing our first podcast and are just finalising some music. First topics on the podcast will include this idea of the 'the importance of your yoga mat' and 'yoga for men' to name a couple of initial topics.

So thanks for reading we'll talk to you and see you soon in class.


making your body a better place to be

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