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Be my Valentine - Tranquil Trio

Perfect purchase for you or your loved one this Valentines.....

Allow our super Tranquil trio to bring some much needed CALM, BALANCE and TRANQUILITY into your life.

CLARY SAGE, LAVENDER and YLANG YLANG work beautifully on their own but together this trio strengthen the healing qualities of the others to enhance your mood, regulate hormones, and bring peace and tranquility to your Mind, body & Spirit on and off the mat.

Tranquil Ylang Ylang

Tap into your feminine energy with one of our most luxurious essential oils with... Aromatic Yogi TRANQUIL ylang ylang essential oil. known as the 'flower of flowers' Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) radiates a natural warmth and sensuality. Simply Inhale the lush sweet-floral fragrance to embrace your FEMININITY, open up the heart chakra and invite love and beauty into your relationship and self-care practices. I AM WARM, TRANQUIL AND SENSUAL Perfect to drop in a room diffuser to clean and purify the air around you, dilute in a carrier oil to use in a dreamy warm bath or create luxury pre/post yoga wellness products.

If YLANG YLANG could talk:

I am divinely feminine, radiating warmth, love and beauty. YOU can turn to me if you are looking to balance hormonal fluctuations, boost confidence and create a more sensual ambiance in love and romance.


Calming Clary Sage

Invite the inner goddess within with.... Aromatic Yogi CALMING clary sage essential oil. This little Super hero sports a herbaceous, sweet-floral scent to promote feelings of deep relaxation and uses its powers for the good of women-kind bringing hormones into balance. I AM COMFORTING AND CALMING Add to your bath oil, massage tummy to ease menstrual cramps or spritz your yoga space to regulate mood

If CLARY SAGE could talk:

I am A MUST HAVE oil for every home. I use my calming powers for the good of women-kind helping bring hormones into balance, regulatating moods and alleviating tension, naturally.


Balancing Lavender

Invite deep relaxation and rest into your life with...

Aromatic Yogi BALANCING lavender essential oil. This all round treasure can be used for just about anything. Simply breathe in the delicate, sweet, floral fragrance to bring you back to your centre in those moments you need it most. Roll out your mat, light a candle and diffuse a few drops of Lavender oil for a truely relaxing evening wellness practice. Or MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE add a few drops to your post-yoga bath and diffuse a little oil in the bedroom to prepare for a restful nights sleep.

If LAVENDER could talk:

I am one of the most versatile oils and well-renowned for inviting feelings of calm and deep relaxation. Let my sweet lavender scent enhance the meditative qualities of your yoga and meditation practices and bring balance to your Mind, Body and Spirit.




Simply add 5 - 10 drops of your oil into a diffuser to create a RELAXING ambiance and mood in any room of your house, yoga or meditation space.


Add a few drops of oil to an emulsifier to create your very own aromatherapy mist.

Don't feel confident with mixing oils? No problem simply check out our collection of Aromatic Yogi Mists that have already been blended to suit your mood.


Add a few drops to a bowl of warm water then softly inhale the wonderful scent to ingnite the senses and invigorate the soul.


Indulge in some bath time therapy and let the feeling of deep relaxation and rest wash over you. (Add 5 drops of Essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil)


Our very own handcrafted Mala bracelets are uniquely designed with thought and deliberate intention in mind. These beautiful bracelets incorporate absorbent, black lava stone. These stones naturally absorb the essential oil of your choice and slowly release and diffuse its essence throughout the course of the day. Serving as a welcoming daily reminder to find inner peace. (Add 2-3 drops of Essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil)


add 1 or 2 drops to your chosen carrier oil and relax your mind and body with a relaxing massage.

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