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Yoga pose you'll love.....SETUBANDHA SARVANGASANA

Bridge Pose Benefits:

Every asana brings in its own benefits with repeated practice and ensures a slow change in the body as well as the internal organs connected to that particular pose or posture. And much can be said about this here with regard to Setubandhasana. Naming a few below:

Physical (Anatomical) Benefits

  • The first thing that comes to mind when we see the pose is the back, hence the spine is bent backwards and this movement with correct stretching helps in easing back muscles and thus strengthening it.

  • The neck too here is put to work, thus removing the irritating strain around the neck and correcting the posture of the neck.

  • The shoulders play a good role while at this pose , thus bringing out a strong shoulder along with correcting a sagging shoulder.

  • Strengthens the legs, thus making strong muscles around the thighs and calves and works as wonders for an athlete. The flow of blood in this pose at the feet, thighs and legs brings comfort for an athlete. The knees too become strong here as there is opening of the muscles around the keen during the pose.

  • Elbows become strong, if the arms are used to help raise the lower back and hip. The elbows need to be strong as this works for the next level of asanas like Sarvangasana and Halasana. It can also cure a tennis elbow if the elbows are placed parallel to each other and in the proper way during the pose.

Health Benefits

  • As the blood flow in the opposite direction, it enhances digestion and thus improves the organs related to digestion. This also works as a good massage for the internal organs at the lower abdomen.

  • Healthy nervous system as the spine is put to work for increasing flexibility. This in turn controls the mind and body thus making an overall healing of the entire body.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety as it requires concentration during the holding of the pose and the mind is connected to the breathing.

  • Since the chest is raised, the lungs are expanded thus curing Asthma and removing the impurities in and around the lungs.

  • Excess fat around the tummy is reduced as the pulling in of the tummy and abdominal muscles are essential during the practice of this pose. Excess fat around the chest for females too is reduced as the chest is raised up and burning of unnecessary fat happens.

  • The pressure at the pelvic muscles ensures a good healing of the inner muscles along the uterus thus solving the imbalance in the organs related to reproductive system.

  • Works well and heals one from imbalance of the hormones as the pressure around the throat and its organs are helped in proper functioning with flow of fresh blood. Thus curing one from thyroid problems.

  • Helps prevent arterial blockages or cardiac arrest by resting the heart muscles and increasing blood circulation to the arteries.

  • Combats fluctuating blood pressure, hypertension, and depression by soothing the brain and expanding the chest.

  • Relieves eye or ear ailments, migraines, stress-related headaches, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia.

  • Improves digestion and strengthens the abdominal organs.

  • Relieves backache, strengthens the spine, and relieves neck strain.

  • Helps rest tired legs and prevent varicose veins.

Thus one can use this asana for therapeutic benefits for helping with indigestion, thyroid imbalances, curing back pain, menopause problems and asthma related impurities.


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